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Hi beautiful people, welcome to my blog, Awakening Your Roots. I’m Nicole Marshall and I started this blog because of my experience with an aggressive case of alopecia after giving birth in 2014. The postpartum and breastfeeding hormones wreaked havoc on my body and the effects left me feeling discouraged and a shell of my former confident and fearless self. But I knew I couldn’t stay in that place of defeat. So, I decided to approach the tough situation in true Nicole fashion, with dignity, tenacity, and a determination unlike any I’ve had before.

After years of toil, I am here to help and inspire other women struggling with hair loss. I will be sharing my experience on the blog, as well as hairspo from iconic African American women I admire. I’ll also touch on the science of the scalp from time to time as I am currently studying to become certified in Trichology, the branch of medical science and cosmetic study concerned with the health of the hair and scalp.

I can’t wait to help you gain back your confidence and recognize just how beautiful you are!

XO – Nicole